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Counselling and Psychotherapy is a way of exploring and resolving the many issues and difficulties that arise as part of being human and living in this world. 

Existing in the world is not always easy.  


Life can be a struggle and you can end up feeling stuck, finding it difficult to move forward.  Or perhaps, you have a sense that something doesn't feel quite right and you're not sure what it is. 


Although surrounded by people every day, feelings of loneliness, isolation or a sense of not quite belonging anywhere can still be part of your life. 


Various relationships can become complicated.  At times they may be unfulfilling or seem like they are hard work.  Communication difficulties can arise, leaving you feeling misunderstood, unseen or unheard by those around you.


Events from the past can keep troubling you or the future can seem anxiety-provoking or bleak.  Traumatic events can leave you feeling shattered and broken inside. 


Making meaning of your existence can be confusing and sometimes you can find yourself repeating the same mistakes and asking 'How have I ended up here again?'.




These are just some of the many difficulties that people can face in their lives and which can be explored in Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


If you would like more information about issues that I can work with, you can read more at About Therapy.

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